Barriers save lives

Much hilarity in Vancouver this week due to one of our talk radio hosts.

 · 1 min read
 · Andy McKay

Vancouver has been trying to slow down traffic and has installed some bright yellow concrete blocks to slow cars down. This resulted in this tweet which as of writing has clocked up 6.8M views:

The replies and quotes were worth it. Because as many people pointed out, it has really slowed down that SUV. If you can't see that bright yellow concrete barrier and drive into it fast enough to end up like that... something is wrong and we need to slow you down.

Not long after it got a sticker from the great podcast The War on Cars.

At least it was painted in bright high visibility paint... oh wait.

CKNW is a local talk radio station and it's hosts have also been stoking the anti bike lane rhetoric in Stanley Park. It might be that their only listeners are car drivers and they just talking to their audience?