Cyclist killed in North Vancouver

People keep getting killed on our streets.

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Mar 6, 2023: Person killed at 23rd and Lonsdale by a person driving a dump truck driver Source

"According to data by ICBC, 136 crashes were reported at that intersection over a five-year period. Two involved cyclists and were fatal, not including the most recent tragedy."



  • July 6, 2022: Person seriously injured by dump truck driver turning right in Victoria Source
  • June 29, 2022: Person killed at Hornby and Pacific by a dump truck driver turning right Source
  • May 5, 2022: 14 year old girl killed by dump truck driver in Burnaby Source
  • January, 2019: Person killed near Lonsdale Quay by a dump truck driver, driver who opened door gets $81 fine (maybe) Source

The BC Government has not required side bars to be installed on trucks, unlike say the UK or Vancouver city trucks

Where are the most dangerous places to ride? For North Vancouver from 2017 to 2021 with Lonsdale highlighted by arrow:


There was lots I was going to write about today, but there's nothing more to say when this happens. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the involved today.


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